Local Plan Stages

Stage 1 (2017)
Initial Consultation (Regulation 18)

We'll gather evidence for the issues we need to address.

Stage 1
This stage is complete.
Stage 2 (2018)
Issues & Options (Regulation 18)

We'll consider how best to address the issues.

Stage 2
This stage is complete.
Stage 3 (2020)
Preferred Options (Regulation 18)

We'll consult on the preferred policies & site allocations/designations needed to deliver the plan’s vision & spatial objectives based on the findings from the Issues & Options stage.

Stage 3
This stage is complete.
Stage 4 (2021)
Publication Draft (Regulation 19)

We'll publish a draft plan with supporting evidence, request stakeholder and community views.

Stage 4
This stage is complete.
Stage 5 (2022)
Publication Addendum

This document is an Addendum to the Publication Draft and contains only focussed proposed changes and any modifications to boundaries on the Policies Map.

Stage 5
This stage is complete.
Stage 6 (2022)
Submission and Examination

We'll submit the plan and supporting evidence to the Government’s Planning Inspectorate – examination (testing).

Stage 6 Stage 6a (now complete) – Gypsy and Traveller Site Focused Consultation
This stage is now live .
Stage 7 (2025)

We'll formally adopt the new plan, providing it’s been prepared correctly, and use it to determine planning applications.

Statement of Community Involvement (SCI)

We are required to produce a Statement of Community Involvement (SCI) to set out how we will involve local communities, businesses and organisations in preparing the Local Plan and the planning application process. It includes details on how and when community involvement will take place and who will be consulted.

Statement of Community Involvement

Local Development Scheme (LDS)

The timetable for preparing the various documents that make up the Local Development Framework.

Local Development Scheme