Stage 3: Preferred Options Consultation (Regulation 18)

Have your say. Be part of the plan

The progression of the North Lincolnshire Local Plan has now reached its third stage in plan preparation. This stage is known as the “Preferred Options” stage, and it is the third opportunity to have your say on how North Lincolnshire grows from now to 2036.

We have prepared a Preferred Options document that builds on earlier consultation undertaken at Stage 1 (2017) and Stage 2 (2018). It sets out planning issues that face North Lincolnshire and preferred options for the way they could be addressed.

The Preferred Options document is supported by two important assessments that must be published alongside it – Preferred Options – Sustainability Appraisal and Preferred Options – Habitat Regulations Assessment.

The consultation on the Preferred Options North Lincolnshire Local Plan has now closed. All the comments and Call for Sites submissions received as part of the consultation have been assessed and are available to view on the evidence base page.

What Happens Next?

Your views will help to inform the next stage of the Local Plan—‘The Draft Plan’, which is the final version of the Local Plan, prior to its submission to the Government’s Planning Inspectorate.