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Appendix 8.2: Mineral Safeguarding Exceptions

List of Exemption Criteria

  1. Applications for Householder development.
  2. Applications for extensions or alterations to existing buildings and for change of use of existing development which do not fundamentally change the scale and character of the building/use.
  3. Applications that are in accordance with the local plan where the plan took account of prevention of unnecessary mineral sterilisation and determined that prior extraction should not be considered when development applications in a Mineral Safeguarding Area came forward.
  4. Applications for Advertisement Consent.
  5. Applications for reserved matters including subsequent applications after outline consent has been granted.
  6. Prior notifications (telecommunications; forestry; agriculture and demolition).
  7. Certificates of Lawfulness of Existing or Proposed Use or Development (CLEUDs and CXLOPUDs).
  8. Applications for works to trees.
  9. Applications for temporary planning permission.
  10. Relevant Demolition in a Conservation Area.
  11. Applications for Listed Buildings Consent